Reading in a coffee shop

Sometimes life can get very busy or you may have relatives who come to visit and take up all your personal space. And all you need is a little break. Just some well deserved metime.

Well I recently discovered “going out for coffee” can be more than just coffee if you have the right book with you.

Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book

If you have a go to coffee shop, or a nice take away spot you like to frequent, pack a few things extra and make a thing out of it. Pick a bench, booth or comfy chair in a quiet section. Order your favorite drink on the menu – if there is a bottomless option so much the better. Remember to tell your waiter at what intervals you want to be disrupted. Open your book and get lost in a new world.

The hustle and bustle of the coffee shop might be overwhelming so remember to include a great playlist and some earphones. Just to help centre you in your book.

Grab your bookmark, because unless you have the whole day to yourself, you will need to save your place. But enjoy your space and me time.

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