Survival Guide: Bargain Books Warehouse Sale

It is that time! In less than a week it will be another Bargain books warehouse sale. Time to clear some space on your shelf, start making your wishlists. To help you prepare I have compiled a few tips.

Have a list – Going into any sale without a plan can be catastrophic to your budget. (not that buying anything on sale is not completely justifiable) Know what you want. Prioritize your buys, trust me the temptation to just pick up a copy of everything is extremely high. To help you plan, go check out these Bookstagrammers (they have been invited to the presale and made a few recommendations for you)

Know the lay of the land – This is not your typical sale and knowing where your section of interest is, can help save you time. (Especially where limited number of copies come into play.) I recommend do a quick walk through to orientate yourself before starting.

What to wear – Wear comfortable shoes, you are going to be walking a lot. But keep in mind bloggers, bookstagrammers and youtubers attend this event. You have a pretty good chance of winding up on camera. Luckily for us, this is pretty much a judgement free community and we all are there because of our love for books and coffee.

Recharge – Brew Etc will be ready to provide you with refreshments in between shopping rounds. So remember it is okay to take a minute, gather yourself, review your selection (and in my case bribe hubby for a bigger budget) and then head on back

Know the time – The sale starts at 9 am, but the line outside usually starts forming at 8. If you are not planning on making a day out of it (which I highly recommend you do – it’s so much fun) then come in early. Coffee will be ready the moment the doors open so you don’t have to sacrifice your caffeination. Doors close at 5pm if you wanted to swing by during the second part of the day.

Where to go – the location of this amazing event has been one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets for a while now. So for those of you who have not been here that long, the place to be is:

10 Mymoena Crescent | Athlone Industria 2 | Cape Town

I hope to see you there. If I left out any tips that you would like to share, drop them in the comments.

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