We wish you a merry Bookmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With stocking stuffers and books for all to read! But if you are stumped for gift ideas for your favorite bookworm, we have compiled a list (as well as where to find them) to make things easier for you this Christmas.


Most readers like to enjoy a great cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate when they are curling up with their current read. So why not spoil them with either a custom mug or a fandom one?

Book sleeves or Book cozi’s

Book sleeves, book bags or book cozi’s are great for those readers that always have a book with them. These bags keep your book safe whilst travelling and there are many gorgeous designs to choose from.


Some people have their own small collection of these (yeah that would be me. I like to fit my bookmark to my book.) They are a great add to any book gift and are usually relatively cheap to add. A great alternative is also wood marks or leather bookmarks if you want to give a more durable keepsake.


Okay, so this one should technically be at the top, but just incase it wasn’t obvious, we LOVE BOOKS!!! THEY ARE GREAT GIFTS AND WE LOVE RECEIVING THEM. PLEASE BUY US MORE BOOKS!!!!!!! Side note: check with the reader for their preferred format and wish list.

Fan Art / Quote Art

These are collections in themselves and mostly apply to the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre’s. (Not exclusively to these two genre’s, so ask the bookworm if they’d like items like these.) This can be anything from posters to postcards. A great place to start is with their favorite series.


Alcoholic or none alcoholic, this is always a great add for any reader. You can’t go wrong with a delicious coffee, tea or hot chocolate.


Sweet or Savory, we all have a favorite. So stuff those stockings with something for the taste buds. Just remember readers like to keep their books clean so don’t add something that is messy to eat.


Comfy and cozy, whether it’s snowing outside or just a cool breeze in the summer time, a fun blanket to curl up with is a great gift. You can even find one with a fandom print on it.


Whether it is for reviews, keeping track of their TBR or just scribbling down their favorite quotes, you can’t go wrong with a notebook.

Sticky notes

Ideal for annotations, flagging key quotes and just overall thoughts, most readers will love you for giving them these beauties. They are available in a wide variety of colors, so get creative and match them to a book.

For the Bookstagrammers:

If you are looking for something other than the usual gifts for the Bookstagrammer or Bookblogger in your life, these two suggestions are a great go to.

Flatlay boards

A great way to style flatlays with a consistent back drop for the Grammer. With so many great styles to choose from, this is a must have for those interested in maintaining a specific aesthetic.


Crowns, candles, books, flowers, cups – you name it. It can be anything! Have a look at the items they like and get creative or even crafty with your gift. There are so many items that can double as a prop, you literally cannot go wrong.

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