When you dream

If you can do anything, what would you do?

(#gifted@panmacmillansakids )

I was blown away by this inspirational story of chasing your dreams. Based on a true story, this tale is gripping from the first page. A quick read that had me in tears at times, with a lot of powerful messages of inspiration and pursuing your dreams💕

Fun, exciting and heartbreakingly beautiful. This story of a group of teenagers that started a global initiative, built their own plane and flew it from Cape to Cairo. All under the necessary supervision and guidance, achieving this amazing dream. Unfortunately when it comes to real life it’s not all sunshine and cloud free days, and a tragic accident occurs that nearly changed everything.

This book includes letters from the real life teenagers that participated in this experience, how it changed their lives and how much they had learned.


About this book:

This sounds too good to be true, she thought. You can build and fly your very own plane? The gears in her head started to turn. She grabbed a notebook and a pen to start working on a flowchart. If she understood this advertisement correctly,  this might just be the beginning of her Big Plan.

Every great dream starts with a dreamer. Megan’s dream is to build a light aircraft with other teenagers and fly it from Cape to Cairo. Her aim is to inspire children in other African countries to follow their dreams. More than a year later the aircraft is ready and Megan and her co-pilots embark on a journey filled with adventure and nail-biting moments.

When you dream is based on true events and is a story of courage, commitment, hope and pain. An adrenaline filled adventure that might sound far-fetched…if it wasn’t for the fact that it is true.

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