Little Disasters

Who is usually your first suspect in a ‘whodunnit’ story?


This past weekend has been an extremely successful reading weekend. I managed to finish a whopping three books, and this one was definitely the best possible kick off read.

This suspenseful story follows the gripping mystery of a baby suffering a head injury and the story as told by her mother doesn’t fit. Someone is lying. But who? As this story unfolds, new evidence and clues come to the surface. With alternating Point of Views, this book brings in the individual characters memories, giving you shifting puzzle pieces to solve this ever present question of Whodunnit?!

Vividly descriptive and heart wrenching, the author takes you on an emotional rollercoaster by incorporating themes of postpartum depression and domestic abuse (trigger warning  ⚠️) that will leave guessing till the very end.

An absolute must read for mystery lovers.

About this book:

A new thought-provoking novel exploring the complexity of motherhood and all that connects and disconnects us.

You think you know her…but look a little closer.

She is a stay-at-home mother-of-three with boundless reserves of patience, energy, and love. After being friends for a decade, this is how Liz sees Jess.

Then one moment changes everything.

Dark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface—and Liz is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her friend, and about herself. The truth can’t come soon enough.

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