We Are Inevitable

“I continue reading,  remembering why I used to love books. Because they show us, in so many words, and in so many worlds, that we’re not alone.
A miracle in twenty-six letters. “

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What is your perfect song? This book had me rethinking my relationship with books and music, and what I consider to be my perfect song. One of those perfect songs for me is @douvoordag is #uitsig

A moving story about addiction, young love and friendship. 

This is my first ever Gayle Forman book. This book just took me by surprise. There is so much to unpack in this book. It’s just…wow!

I found the characters relatable. We are them and they are us. The raw emotion that came through in this story is just mind blowing. I absolutely loved the ode to books that is so clearly evident throughout this book, and the important role they play in readers lives.

This is a one sitting read that follow the story of Aaron Stein and how he navigates a world of grief, debt and everything else. With unlikely friends, this story of healing absolutely touched my heart.

TW: substance abuse, grief.


About this book:

‘I got this whole-body feeling… it was like a message from future me to present me, telling me that in some way we weren’t just bound to happen, that we had, in some sense, already happened. It felt… inevitable.’

So far, the inevitable hasn’t worked out so well for Aaron Stein.

While his friends have gone to college and moved on with their lives, Aaron’s been left behind in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State, running a failing bookshop with his dad, Ira. What he needs is a lucky break, the good kind of inevitable.

And then he meets Hannah. Incredible Hannah – magical, musical, brave and clever. Could she be the answer? And could they – their relationship, their meeting – possibly be the inevitable Aaron’s been waiting for?

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