Women don’t owe you pretty

WOMEN DON’T OWE YOU PRETTY will tell you to…
love sex, hate sexism,
protect your goddamn energy,
life is short, dump them,
And that you owe men nothing, least of all pretty.

Florence’s debut book will explore all progressive corners of the feminist conversation; from insecurity projection and refusing to find comfort in other women’s flaws, to deciding whether to date or dump them, all the way through to unpacking the male gaze and how it shapes our identity.

WOMEN DON’T OWE YOU PRETTY is an accessible leap into feminism, for people at all stages of their journey who are seeking to reshape and transform the way they view themselves. In a world that tells women we’re either not enough or too much, it’s time we stop directing our anger and insecurities onto ourselves, and start fighting back to re-shape the toxic structures of our patriarchal society.

Florence’s book will help you to tackle and challenge the limiting narrative you have been bombarded with your whole life, and determine feminism on your own terms. After all, you are the love of your own life.

My thoughts?

This quick read deals with some major viewpoints. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but there definitely is value in every single point.

I found although I couldn’t really apply a lot in my marriage, there were many friendships that I reconsidered.

I also picked up on a few things I had been doing, that although my intent was kind and trying to be helpful, it could come across as damaging to others.

I believe we can always learn something and better ourselves, and our way of thinking. And the most helpful point in this book is that no matter what someone chooses, it is none of our business.

At the end of the day, we all get one life. We all have one journey that we need to take. We can spend that time focusing on others and what they are doing, but it won’t be nearly as fulfilling as living your own life.

Should you read this? If you can keep an open mind, take what you need and work on it, than yes, this is a fantastic book. Will it offend you? Probably. But the core of the book focuses on us healing and helping ourselves. Make choices that empower us as women, not just because we have been led to believe we have to.

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