The Noise

Can you even call yourself a thriller reader if you haven’t read at least one James Patterson book?

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The premise of this book promises an edge of your seat thriller, with a mystery culprit that no one is exactly sure who or what it is. And it managed to deliver, if you stuck with it to the end.

Okay, so this definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of back and forth on the anomaly can be a bit of challenge to the reading pace. It dragged for quite a few chapters. It helped that we got to experience different point of views, but not much.

Creepy is a word more fitting to some of these characters and plot points, so this would be a great read if you need a creepy but manageable read for October. However, I felt that some of the characters could have played bigger roles, and some of them I was just rooting to get killed off.

As far as crime fiction or medical fiction goes, this is an interesting take on medical meets military. I would usually compare this to Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco, but if you liked that series, you probably be a little frustrated by this one.

All in all not a bad read, writing isn’t difficult to follow. Plot twists were average. But they definitely gave it a great spin near the end, that made the three day read worth it.

About this book:

Terror has a new sound . . . and it comes from the darkest corners of James Patterson’s imagination.

Young sisters, Sophie and Tennant Riggin, are the only two people to withstand a massive explosion that destroys their community, located in the shadow of Oregon’s Mt. Hood.

A team of elite government investigators are sent to research the fallout and the girls – why did only they survive? – but with conflicting objectives. For Dr Martha Chan, a psychologist who analyses large-scale medical emergencies: study them. For Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Fraser, a career military leader with an inherent mistrust of civilians: contain them.

But as the disturbance replicates across the Pacific Northwest, it threatens to topple the chain of command. Dr Chan and Lieutenant Colonel Fraser are caught between the perpetrators of the threat – and those who have the power to resist. 

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