Help! I don’t know what to post

We all know how challenging it can be to be creative consistently. And burnout has become such a norm in our lives that no one bats an eye anymore and you are just expected to power through it.

Well not anymore. Here are a few prompts to help you when that inevitable creative slump hits. Pick the ones you will have the MOST FUN with and just get those creative juices flowing again. (tag us on social media and we will give you a shoutout!)

Books on the go

Whether you are on the beach or in a coffee shop, share your current read.

Comfy, cozy and currently reading.

Show us your favorite reading spot. Or even if you are having a bit of a day and taking some me time snuggled up with your fur baby.

Books in the wild.

Be spontaneous, share your unedited, unplanned photos.

Behind the scenes

Whether your planning your photo or your caption or restacking the shelves, show us the not so glamourous side.

You make me wanna shout(out)

Your library or favorite bookstore deserve all the love and support, so share who is keeping your tbr full.

It’s tricky to pick a time, to pick a time that’s right on time

Show us the most unconventional reading time or place you have.

Let’s get physical…

or audio. Share your preferred format with us.

Selfie for my Shelfie

Give us your most unique bookshelf shot. Think out of the box, rainbows, parties – whatever gets you excited about your shelf.

Feeling cute. Might delete later.

Show us your favorite book in an outfit format. Strike a pose, Zoolander style and bring on the most outrageous books as outfits you can find.


If fanart is your thing, then let’s see your bling. Share your inner bookdragon hoard and be proud of your collection. Whether it’s self made or internationally acclaimed, there is no shame is in sharing your love for all things book related.

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

Tells us something about yourself? Are you a crazy plant lady or an ultimate fanboy? We are here to love you no matter what.

Tell me you love it without telling me you love it!

Whether it is your favorite drink or your favorite series. We want to know! So say it loud and say it proud, but most importantly, don’t actually say it!

Loving him was RED!

Rainbow stacks, most owned color. This one is up to you. Does the books match the drapes?! PERFECT!!! Show off your most creative interpretation of color.

My TBR will be the death of me.

Show us that never ending backlist of books you’ve been wanting to read. We all have them, so why do we need to be ashamed? You might just #jumpthetbr to get to that one you’ve been meaning to read two years ago…

The world according to books.

Share your favorite book worlds. From Middle Earth to the Milky way, real and fictional. Set up a Travel Itinerary and take a tour from the comfort of your own couch. Don’t forget the snacks.

This is girl is on fire!

Share your favorite character with us. Guy, gal who cares! We want to know why you love them!

What’s in your go, go, go bag?

If you had to make a run for it, which book will you be grabbing off your shelf and why?

We had joy, we had fun, we had season’s in the sun.

Show off your seasonal reading. Whether it’s a stack or a reading spot or a shelfie. We want to see what the weather is like where you are.

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