A Curse So Dark and Lonely

A Curse So Dark and Lonely Let me just start of by saying I am very careful when it comes to recommending a retelling. That said if you have not read this, please do. I could not put it down. Brigid Kemmerer has put an unique spin on a classic story, sticking to the originalContinue reading “A Curse So Dark and Lonely”

Shatter Me Series Review

I started this series in an attempt to recover from a book hangover. Boy, I underestimated my ability to get involved with fictional characters. My husband made me do a book detox after the fourth book resulted in a three day sulk. I bought him a PlayStation after that so we’re all good… So toContinue reading “Shatter Me Series Review”

Welcome to the Grishaverse

Let me start off by saying there is definitely an order to these books. I have not read them in the correct order which did impact my experience. There are definitely spoilers if you read them out of order. I will however be reviewing them in order. The Shadow and Bone Trilogy The trilogy followsContinue reading “Welcome to the Grishaverse”

The Wicked Deep

“Secrets lurk beneath the surface…” I am not one for ghost stories so this did not go down well for me. As per the quote on the cover, there is far more to the story than the back cover leads on. Keeping that in mind, the writing style is unique and at times difficult toContinue reading “The Wicked Deep”