Dealing with Daily Routines

Are you stuck in a rut? Feeling like you are losing the daily battles with work, life, love and everything in between? Already gave up on your New Year's resolutions? Well you are not alone. The 'New Normal' for me tends to look sprint - burnout - sprint. And I HATE IT! Not only do … Continue reading Dealing with Daily Routines

January 2021 Releases on my Wishlist

It's been a hot minute since I've last been able to sit down and write one of these, but I'm super excited to be back! So let's kick things off with my January 2021 releases wishlist. Now I truly cannot give you my opinion on these books yet, as I haven't read them. But these … Continue reading January 2021 Releases on my Wishlist

Quick and Delicious Smoothie

What is your go-to lunch solution for busy days? As we're heading into the festive season, I find myself working longer hours and skipping various meals. I found that I started struggling to focus and my sleep patterns got all messed up. So out of frustration I started googling for a easy lunch solution. Something … Continue reading Quick and Delicious Smoothie

10 Bookstagram Myths that will blow you away!

Thinking about joining this amazing community or already part of it and unsure about a few things? This article is for you. Bookstagram is like the name says – books (posted) on Instagram. As with books, there are as many ways as there are genres to approach this. And as with life – your vibe … Continue reading 10 Bookstagram Myths that will blow you away!

Rattle the Stars – The Bcase box unboxing

And my experience working as a designer/artist for a book subscription box Subscription boxes have become the way of the future in many industries. Making it easier to get anticipated new products or releases, or simply just a one-stop-gift-shop for a passionate friend or family member. You can buy pretty much anything in a subscription … Continue reading Rattle the Stars – The Bcase box unboxing

Isolation boredom busters to help you keep your sanity in tact.

World wide panic ensued after COVID-19 patients were being isolated and social distancing has become the buzz word of the day. Now schools are closing until further notice, people start working from home and meme's about husband's, due to lack of sports on TV, now notice their wives. And all the mental health awareness that … Continue reading Isolation boredom busters to help you keep your sanity in tact.

January wrap up post

This post is way over due, I know. But I still felt like I had to share it, because of all the great reads. January was quite a busy month reading wise, giving me a great boost towards my reading goal for the year. I managed to finish 17 books in January. Here is the … Continue reading January wrap up post

Bookcase Box unboxing

I was so excited to be able to spoil myself with a Bookcase Pop up box - Children of Virtue and Vengeance. So when it arrived earlier this month, it was like a bonus Christmas present. So please check out the full unboxing below. This box was everything it promised to be. The Bookcase team … Continue reading Bookcase Box unboxing

Inspirational characters and what they have taught me

Part of the blog this year will focus on my personal journey. And as such I am going to include lists with things I have learned from my reads, things I loved, things that changed the way I think. First up I am going to focus on characters that inspired me. And the Authors behind … Continue reading Inspirational characters and what they have taught me

Favorite Book dedications (2019 edition)

One of my favorite parts of reading, is the book dedications. Authors pour blood, sweat and tears into their work and very often readers forget the sacrifice and dedication that can go into a novel. This year I have found so many great dedications that stood out. These ones were some of my favorites. Seawitch … Continue reading Favorite Book dedications (2019 edition)