In collaboration with Brew Etc , we are bringing you a range of literary and fandom inspired coffees. Make your daily coffee a ‘fan’-tastic one by selecting one (or both) of the great tasting coffees below.

Do you consume coffee like the Hobbits eat? Then this Lord of the Rings inspired blend is for you. Available in Decaf as well, this easy drinking all day coffee has a rich aroma of nutty chocolate.

Embrace your inner Illyrian Warrior with this full flavor coffee. Like our favorite Illyrians this coffee has a strong caramel sweetness with a nutty undertone. Sweet and medium-bodied, with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity. 


All products available in 250g and 1kg grounds for your drinking pleasure.

*Courier available at additional charge. Products only for sale in South Africa.

*If you want more than one package per product, please let us know in the message section.

To order simply complete the form below and start your coffee journey today!