This is a space to share ideas, the love of books and the journey we call life. Okay well probably not that. More like recipes to help you survive a Monday and fun craft projects for your home. And also BOOKS. The love of all things books.

So find the top of the month on the front page. But don’t let that stop you from going through the rest and see what I and a few of my friends have been up to.

My latest read

Mind Blowing insight from the world’s brightest minds!

This book will probably remain on my bedside table for a while. There is so much to learn here that I will reread this several times. Find out why I will be sharing this phenomenal read with the people in my life.

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I have been wanting to add a section like this for a while now.

So in 2021 I am hoping to share some of my personal journey with you on a more regular basis.

First up is Daily Routines and Morning Mindsets.

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What’s on my Wishlist

Check out which new releases I am excited about and why, with my new monthly wishlists.

I’ll be sharing my monthly anticipated releases in this new section.

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