Books, coffee, crafts/DIY, movies and baking – these are a few of the things that make me tick. But that is not why I decided to blog.

I started this page to share the passion that I have for life. I have this personally journey that I’m under going, just like most people out there, and at times I have felt completely alone in what I love, what I don’t and how to deal with everything in between. So this is what I want this blog to be. A safe space for people who sometimes feel like they just need a little light in their lives.

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.”

– Paul Sweeney

This is a fun and safe space, you don’t have to agree with all my opinions, and feel free to share your views on the books being discussed. Here we respect one another’s opinions and views and share our love of reading. Some books might not land in my personal tastes, and some might not land in yours, but there is a place for all of them on the shelf. 

You are also welcome to send me your recommendations on books, I’m always open to a new experience. I might not love it as much as you do, but I will always keep an open mind. 

So yes, this is mostly a book blog, but there are a few other things on here that might make all difference or it might not. If you feel like sharing something that you would like me to write about, please do so.

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