We Are Inevitable

"I continue reading,  remembering why I used to love books. Because they show us, in so many words, and in so many worlds, that we're not alone.A miracle in twenty-six letters. " (#gifted@jbchildrens ) What is your perfect song? This book had me rethinking my relationship with books and music, and what I consider to be … Continue reading We Are Inevitable

Realm Breaker

What is the last book you took your sweet time finishing? I'm so grateful that I didn't rush this one. The pressure to get through books in a few days often takes the joy out reading them. But by taking my time and savoring every page, @victoriaaveyard once again reminded me why I fell in love with … Continue reading Realm Breaker


(Fable #2) "We were salt and sand and sea and storm" Would you rather be a pirate or a merchant that can never set foot on the sea? High seas adventure filled with found family, plot twists and emotion. Okay, so we all know I absolutely adored Fable. And this ending was just everything!!! @adrienneyoungbooks has made … Continue reading Namesake

Raft of Stars

Your in a race against time to save a life in the woods. Do you take the unruly river filled with rapids or the overgrown forest roads? (#gifted@jonathanballpublishers ) An emotional river raft with a surprising plot twist. This novel was a relatively quick read, with an easy to follow storyline. Multiple point of views bring … Continue reading Raft of Stars

A Dress for the Wicked

You are going to a gala/ball. What is your must have accessory? Absolutely breathtaking!!! I was enthralled for every single page of this book. Fashion heaven! A small town girl coming to the big city to make her fashion dreams come true. It's like Project Runway meets Cinderella and I am here for every moment … Continue reading A Dress for the Wicked

American Royals

(American Royals #1) If you were a royal, what would your security call name be? What to say about this book? I found it truly unexpected. Judging this book by it's cover, you'd think this is an quick read rom com. A modern day twist of royalty. But it's so much more. With four point … Continue reading American Royals


(Legendborn #1) If you could choose one legend to bring back to life, what would you choose? Exhilarating, legendary and mindblowing plot twists! This book is absolutely worth all the hype it is getting. When legends are more than they seem, this book brings a bit of a dark academia vibe to it despite the … Continue reading Legendborn

Loveboat, Taipei

(Loveboat, Taipei #1) What is the last book that pleasantly surprised you? I loved this story. Vibrant, fun and full of life. This coming of age story had me cringing, laughing and breaking a sweat as we danced through the pages. I love the way the author immersed the city and culture of Taipei into … Continue reading Loveboat, Taipei

The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

(Strangeworlds Travel Agency #1) The item to your left is a magical portal, where does it take you?(#gifted@panmacmillansakids )Witty, colorful and fascinating! This middle grade read is bound to take you on the magical adventure you have been waiting for. Flick discovers the odd looking Strangeworlds Travel Agency. What's odd about it, is that it doesn't … Continue reading The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

The Magic Place

What is your magic place?Mine is definitely a bookstore (#gifted@jbchildrens ) I absolutely blazed through this book with it's surprising twists and turns. Even my husband was intrigued by the beautiful artwork included in this book. This middle grade read tells a story of terrible deceit with a powerfully hopeful ending. With the brilliant metaphor of … Continue reading The Magic Place