Hot air balloon Mobile

As a fervent crafter I jump at the opportunity to make something fun and whimsical whenever the opportunity presents itself. Such an opportunity came my way a few months ago in the form of SA Book Swap.

The theme was second time around with a relatively small budget, encouraging us to use preloved items and get creative. My amazing book swap partner and I got together and shared some diy stuff we loved. And she fell in love with this whimsical mobile. And who am I to disappoint?


This relatively easy project nearly got the better of me during the process but I was determined to make this for her. The original idea was a Pinterest prompt, but in all honesty that did not work out as well as it was presented. (Bonus points if you managed to figure out the baskets, because I honestly could not.) So this is my version of that AMAZING mobile. And I think it came out great!

What do you need?

Paper (for the different sides of the balloon)  I used 4 different kinds, but the more you add, the more whimsical your balloon.




Craft wire – alot

Beads – I used wooden beads for the basket. (Keep the size of your balloon in mind when selecting the size of your beads)

clear glue

Twine or something similar for the base

Wooden dowels (x2) cut about 30cm

I used transparencies for a stencil to help ensure all my balloons curve exactly the right way


How to:

The How to is relatively easy. You literally glue the cut out balloons like you would an accordian, alternating different colors.

Wind the craft wire around the pencil to form a loop. Keep the tail long enough to feed through the balloon ad attach your bead/basket.

Use the glue to secure the wire in place.

Attach dowels together with glue, wrap twine around for neat presentation.

Using another piece of wire or string, attach the balloons to the dowels at alternating lengths. Use glue to secure in place.

And Viola!


What I love about this mobile is that the balloons can be swapped out for just about anything. So feel free to experiment and let me know how it worked out. 




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