What she found in the woods

Sometimes you just need a book to kick start an epic reading month. To just move your comfort zone barriers. And this Novel was definitely that and more for me!

I don’t know where to start!!!

This gripping book has moved me in so many ways. Following the story of an 18 yr old girl with mental illness trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t. Using flashback/ memory sharing, you try to puzzle out what the real big picture is. And honestly, I have never felt more human and more empathy for people with Mental health conditions than after reading this book.

Addressing modern day issues such as the power and risk of social media and teenagers living adult lives without proper guidance and parental involvement, Angelini tells a story so powerful it will drive the point home very early into the read. I honestly double check all my interactions on social media daily now, because in all fairness we never know what the other person is going through.

All that glitters is not gold comes to mind. And honestly the plot of this story had me chasing my own tail several times. The writing is easy to follow and characters are believable. ( I love them, even if they are slightly twisted)

I honestly found it difficult to find fault with this novel, and would highly recommend it to high school seniors.


Running from a scandal at her New York private school, Magdalena heads to her family home to recover under the radar. Over-medicated and under-confident, she’s fearful she’ll never escape her past. Until she meets Bo out hiking. Wild, gorgeous and free, he makes her believe she might finally be able to move on. But when a mutilated body is discovered in the woods, Magdalena realises she can’t trust anyone. Not even herself

Have you read it? Tell me what you think in the comments section

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