Still suffering from a book hangover on this one.

This read is an absolute must! This author has made me fall in love with the slow burn romance style like never before.

With an easy to follow writing style and narrative, I couldn’t put this down, and found myself trying to make the book last longer. I certainly hope to see more of this world and these characters.

I strongly related with the main POV, and this book brought back many memories of my own varsity days. A story about discovering inner strength and abilities, this story is for all the girls who have felt overlooked all their lives.

This magical tale captures you from the first chapter with mystery, suspense, romance and adventure. I was literally planning a road trip to the places referred to in this book just see if I can find some of the magic described in this story. It honestly opened my eyes to some of the amazing things I have missed in the past.

If you are curious about South African life and specifically our student life, this book gives you a magical glimpse into what makes us unique.

I applaud Tallulah Lucy for an amazing debut novel, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future

For lovers of the Raven Cycle, Grishaverse and Sarah J Maas


Something magical lurks in Lilah’s blood, and there are those in Grahamstown willing to kill her for it. Lilah’s father taught her to be afraid of the world, but now he’s sending her to Grahamstown, a full day’s drive from home, to study. Then he gets into legal trouble and she’s left stranded without a cent. Her classmate, Kalin, steps in to help. He’s argumentative, brooding and just mysterious enough to be attractive. When they’re ensconced in his study surrounded by old books and strange talismans, it’s easy to forget how many times she’s been warned that he’s bad news. The longer she stays in Grahamstown, and with Kalin, the more she doubts her sanity. Is the town haunted? Are leylines real? And what about the vivid dreams she keeps having of a fantasy world she thought she’d made up? Everyone is keeping secrets, and Lilah’s father may have had good reason for being so overprotective.

Who is Kalin really, and what will loving him cost her?

About the Author

A special thank you to Tallulah for sending me not only a signed copy but also a stunning artprint and bookmark (that she created herself) Her talent is endless and mesmerizing

Tallulah writes stories about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Usually involving magic and often involving portals to strange worlds. When she is not writing, you can find her with her nose in a book, a paintbrush in her hand or running The Dragon Writers Facebook group for authors.

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