When winter winds blow into the little town of Earie-on-sea, it becomes a dangerous place for tourists. So if you find yourself in the misty town, be sure to keep an eye on the shadows, you never know what creatures might be lurking there

The Grand Nautilus Hotel is a strange place. In high season, it’s full of summer guests – people in shorts and shades and sunburns who drift about looking at everything and noticing nothing.But it’s not like that in the winter. In the winter, people only stay here if they have a good reason. Or a bad one

Thomas Taylor, Malamander

Thank you to Pan Macmillan SA Kids for gifting me a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

Built around legends and lore, Eerie on Sea is captivating, thrilling and completely enthralling in it’s narrative. Whether you’re ten, twenty, or two hundred years old, you will find yourself searching, guessing and trying to solve the mystery of the Malamander.

Follow Herbie and Violet as they take on the myths of Earie on Sea to try and solve the mystery of Violet’s Parents’ disappearance. With great atmosphere and a fantastical mystery, this is definitely a book that should be on everyone’s reading list.

Taylor created a compelling narrative with fun and quirky characters like Herbert Lemon and Mr Mollusc. Tying in the eerie theme with these creative names and characteristics enhances the atmosphere of this book phenomenally. I fell in love with the nautical theme so much I’m currently making my husband read it (not that he is complaining) and we are wistfully whisked away to our teenage years wishing we had these kind of books back then.

Through clever use of world building, the author creates an easy to interpret world, with magical twist that will have taking a second look at everyday objects. My personal favourite is the book dispensary. I would to see what the Mermonkey would recommend me.

You know how people go to see a doctor to get medicine?” I say. “well, this is the same, only with books. The stories are like the medicine, see?”

Thomas Taylor, Malamander

Easy to follow, creatively written. Whether English is your first, second or third language, you will enjoy this book. This is a book that so accurately fills the gap between kid reads and YA. For those in between teens that want something more, but not quite ready for the more intense YA themes. I loved that I still had to look up a word or two myself. Although creepy and mysterious, this spooky read is filled with wholesome language and grand adventures.

If you like the thrill of Goosebumps, but looking for something a little less horror movie, this is an absolute must. Hey, even my husband picked it up!


Who will uncover the secret of the Malamander?

But you probably don’t believe in the Malamander. You maybe think there’s no way a fish-man can be real. And that is fine. Stick to your ice-cream and deck chairs. This story probably isn’t for you anyway. In the basement of the Grand Nautilus Hotel, a mysterious girl crashes Herbie Lemon’s room and cries, “Hide me!”
In the window of the Eerie Book Dispensary, a mechanical mermonkey sits and waits.
And out beyond the pier, something stirs. Could the legendary Malamander have returned?

About the Author:

Wales born Thomas Taylor has had a talent for illustrations from a young age. Although he’s start to reading took a bit longer, he soon fell into story worlds like Lord of the Rings and The Three Investigators. Authors like Terry Pratchett, Allan Garner and Rosemary Sutcliffe helped develop his reading habit to what it is today.  He studied at both the Norwich School for Art and Design and Art School in Cambridge. This inspired his career as a children’s book illustrator.  After about a year of working at Heffer’s Children’s Bookshop, Bloomsbury Publishing offered him his first book cover. Maybe, you have seen his work? He is the talented creator of the original Harry Potter covers. 

Soon he realised that he wants to not only illustrate but write as well. This led to several great books for you to enjoy.

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