The Wicked Deep

“Secrets lurk beneath the surface…”

I am not one for ghost stories so this did not go down well for me. As per the quote on the cover, there is far more to the story than the back cover leads on.

Keeping that in mind, the writing style is unique and at times difficult to get through, story line although sweet is slightly predictable.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy ghost stories. But if you don’t steer clear

Paperback copy of the Wicked Deep

Tonight’s party is the start of a season that will bring more than just tourist dollars—it will bring folklore and speculation and doubt about the town’s history. But always, every year without fail or falter, it also brings death.” 

― Shea Ernshaw, The Wicked Deep

This book contains two story lines that are intricately woven to build on one another. The first is of 3 sisters in a backwards town, accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. The other is a teenage girl stuck in a small, haunted town falling in love. Nothing special about it. However, given the author’s ability to set the perfect setting and atmosphere for each scene, I found myself needing to finish the book.

You can almost image the dodgy island with the light house, the bonfire party at the beach. If suspense and ghost stories are your thing, you will probably find this as a light read.

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