Shatter Me Series Review

I started this series in an attempt to recover from a book hangover. Boy, I underestimated my ability to get involved with fictional characters.

My husband made me do a book detox after the fourth book resulted in a three day sulk. I bought him a PlayStation after that so we’re all good…

So to share my experience of the Re-establishment universe, I have made myself a strong cup of coffee. (If you need any recommendations pop me a message.)

Shatter Me

As a main character, 16 year old Juliette, is quite interesting. Stuck in a asylum, her journey starts as a captive. She has what she refers to as a curse. She cannot touch another living being. Without killing them.

This moving novel address a number of social issues including depression, abusive parents, dual lives and a society so keen on controlling the message that they lost the best part of humanity. Tahereh Mafi is such an incredible writer, bringing her characters to life in an indescribable way. You become so engrossed in the lives of these characters, they literally become your friends.

Joining Juliette in her journey of self discovery and finding her place in the resistance against the Re-establishment. Meeting a bunch of interesting new people on the way. Witty banter and loving relationships help forms the foundation to this series. But do not be fooled. This book includes quite a few plot twists that will leave you reeling in the aftermath.

Unravel Me

The thrilling sequel starts off with Juliette and Adam joining forces with the Resistance. But more than that, learning that Juliette is not as alone in her abilities as she thought. Working to learn how to control her ability, Juliette and Adam’s relationship undergoes some strain. Juliette battles with the idea that Warner can touch her. He can actually touch her. Making her mind swarm with possibilities and how to tell Adam, Juliette becomes preoccupied with the secret the resistance is hiding.

Tahereh Mafi pulls you into this world with such force that before you know it you have finished the book and scramble to find the next one.

Unite Me ( a Novella)

Unite me is a collection of the two short stories from Warner and Adam’s Point of View. This special edition included pages from Juliette’s diary in the Asylum. This is not a must read, but I found it quite enlightening, as it helped form these two key characters to the story a bit better.

Ignite Me

With Omega Point destroyed, Juliette doesn’t know if the rebels, her friends, or even Adam are alive. But that won’t keep her from trying to take down The Reestablishment once and for all. Trusting Warner despite her hesitations to help her take control of sector 45, Juliette finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. New information has her questioning a lot of things.

The thrilling third installment of the Shatter Me series had me grabbing coffee through the night needing to find out what happens next. Tahereh Mafi never disappoints

Restore Me

After successfully taking over Sector 45, Juliette finds there is much more to being a leader than just taking control. Her blossoming romance with Warner takes a serious knock near the end of this book, resulting in a Britney Spears breakdown that nearly had me reaching for the clippers myself. And the cliffhanger ending… don’t even get me started. I nearly died waiting to find out who survived that plot twist .

This entire book is basically a build up for Defy me which had me in the previously mentioned 3 day sulk. This is definitely a must read.

Defy Me

After what felt like a lifetime of waiting, I finally got my hands on a copy. Needless to say I stocked up on coffee, snuggled under my comforter and basically binged on this story. After Juliette woke up in her childhood bedroom, things got a little twisted. ***Spoiler alert*** Juliette and Warner are drawn to each other since childhood and if you thought Anderson was crazy, wait till you meet Evie and Max.

I haven’t felt this good about an ending of a book in such a long time that I have seriously started the count down for the next Novella and Installment in this series

I know I am still shorting the Shadow me Novella – I am waiting for the print version.

3 thoughts on “Shatter Me Series Review

  1. Such a fun series!! I really want to reread Unravel Me and Ignite Me to see if I’d still like them as much because even though I like the new ones I want to see if they’re as good as I remember.


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