The Wren Hunt

Every winter, Wren Silke is chased through the forest in a warped version of a childhood game. The boys who hunt her are judges, powerful and frightening pursuers, who know nothing of her true identity. If they knew she was an augur, their sworn enemy, the game could turn deadly. But Wren is on the hunt, too. Sent undercover as an intern to the Harkness Foundation – enemy headquarters – her family’s survival rests on finding a secret meant to stay hidden. As the enmity between two ancient magics reaches breaking point, Wren is torn between old loyalties and new lies. And trapped in the most dangerous game of her life.

Watson has managed to capture my imagination with this magnificent novel, creating a fantasy world set in modern day Ireland. With an impressive storyline and great character development, the only part of this book I did not enjoy was the ending. Or more precisely, the fact that it ended.

“There would be consequences, I knew that. There were always consequences, usually teeny tiny consequences that you hardly noticed. But the small things added up over time, until eventually they formed one big thing that could crush you beneath its weight.

 Mary Watson, The Wren Hunt

This novel includes enough plot twists and hints to keep you guessing a bigger picture, which I am hoping to see completed in the next book. The ending gives enough closure, should you wish to stop, you could. However I have a bunch of unanswered questions about her and several other characters back stories.

“We were always told: when something repeats, it gains significance. This is how a pattern is formed. And it felt like something was forming around me. Like I was being woven into something and couldn’t work my way out.”

Mary Watson, The Wren Hunt

If you are not a fantasy reader, you may still enjoy this novel as it is not high fantasy and the magic does not overwhelm your ability to create the setting. Be swept up in the Hunt.

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