10 Awesome Alternative bookmarks

I literally cannot walk past a bookshop without going in. And very often I do not walk out empty handed. I would find a great coffee shop and sit down and start reading. There have been times when I would realise that I do not have a bookmark with me. So here is a list of alternative bookmarks that you can easily use should you land in a similar situation.

Ticket stubs – Not only can they be cherished memories, but in a rush I almost always have a set of stubs in my handbag. I honestly usually forget them in there, but many a time they came to my rescue when I accidentally misplaced my bookmark.

Ribbon on a keychain – If you are like me and prefer shorter key chains and they tend to fall out if they serve as a bookmark replacement, simply tie a nice ribbon to it. The extra length will make it easier to keep it inside, especially if you create a large loop to wrap around the book.

Money – I don’t usually carry cash, but my husband has used notes several times as temporaries. I have noticed that he sometimes forget them inside, and the bookshelf elves are always happy to find it.

Paper clips – You can dress it up or dress it down, but paper clips can be useful tools to help with reading goals.

Paint sample cards – You can find these at any hardware store, They are free to take and can make a fun diy project or used just as they are.

Ice cream sticks – lick’em, paint’em, stick’em , these versatile tools can easily be modified into crazy crafts projects and take up little space in a handbag.

Origami corner bookmarks – Pinterest has a large variety of styles and options. With easy step by step instructions. Try using a paper napkin for a temporary alternative.

Receipts – Check please. This would be a great motivation to pay your bill quickly.

Necklace – If all else fails, jewelry works great. (This is also a convenient excuse for your partner to step up their gift game)

String – I keep my fantasy world on a string. No explanation necessary here.

I am always looking for more suggestions. Feel free to leave your go to temporary bookmark ideas in the comments.

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