Escaping from Houdini

In the show of all shows, it is crucial to not get swept up in the magic in mystery. Especially with a murderer on board. Can you find him before he finds you?

Experience a Magical night circus/ carnival with a sadistic twist

This novel had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

Thought I knew where this was going (jack the ripper flashbacks) getting worked up, focusing on the clues and the suspicious characters, trying to figure out who is taunting Audrey Rose. But in the true spirit of Carnival everything happens in the place you didn’t expect it to.

I found myself threatening to burn the book, because one character cannot suffer this much. But luckily my suspect was proven innocent – in the most horrific way – and I found myself saying thank you that this was not my full time job.

Stepping up the romance in this novel, you might just feel yourself torn between the charming Mr Cresswell and the illusive ringmaster. I am not one for a love triangle, but this was seriously difficult. But I am definitely super happy about the outcome.

I felt like I was on the ship, my heart raced with Audrey Rose’s with anticipation everytime she encounters the mystical Mephistopheles.

“We women could be called creatures, if only the men who said such careless words accepted our claws were fearsome things when we decided to scratch.”

Kerri Maniscalco, Escaping from Houdini

Read a bit longer on this one, because I thought I could outsmart the author and Identify the murderer. Boy was I wrong, with every plot twist I found myself chasing my own tail, trying to find the murderer.

I will drag your attention over here while I excute something overthere.

Looking back on this novel, the Symbol of sleight of hand and word masterfully included throughout the story line. Everything meticulously planned out and masterfully executed. But honestly, I felt mislead, there were so many similarities, and I know I did this to myself, but I was really frustrated at the end.

“Beware of midnight bargains… If you’re not careful, you might lose your life, your very soul, to this magical traveling show…” Audrey Rose Wadsworth and her ever-vexing companion, Thomas Cresswell, set sail on the luxurious RMS Etruria en route to their next investigation in America. The ship’s carnival entertainment proves to be the perfect distraction…but the voyage quickly descends into a horror show when young women begin turning up dead. For Audrey Rose, the Moonlight Carnival – with its disturbing acts and bizarre characters – becomes a nightmarish backdrop to search for answers. With clues to the next victim’s identity pointing to someone she loves, can she unravel the mystery before the killer’s horrifying finale?

Pick this up, but beware of midnight bargains – you might lose your heart or your head. Maybe even both.

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