Hunting Prince Dracula

Take a haunted castle, add a serial killer, a dash of romance, an epic train mystery and you will find yourself packing your bags to help hunt Prince Dracula.

in one word – Amazing!

Based on folklore and legends, this story reminds us that real people hide behind vicious crimes and the monsters we should fear wear human faces.

Audrey Rose goes from strength to strength after the terrible revelation during the Ripper murders. Trying to regain some of her control, she is thrown back into the situation she was trying to deny dealing with.

True to the debut novel, Maniscalco takes her strong female character from strength to strength without comprising humanity in the process. Audrey shows resilience in not accepting any less than what she deserves. Finding love can be quite challenging, finding a love that accepts you for who you truly are can at times seem impossible.

I feel I need to point this out. This book has LGBTQ characters in it, and includes a valuable lesson on how to handle the people in your life. I have seen a lot of authors trying to write inclusively, but i have not come across one who has done it as much justice as this woman has. She deserves a standing ovation!

A man impaled by a sharp wooden stake. A young chambermaid drained of all her blood. They say it’s Prince Dracula, arisen from the dead. I say it’s the living – not the dead – we should fear most.

If you loved the first one, you are going to adore this one!

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