It’s LIT — 10 YA Books to Snag at the Bargain Books Warehouse Sale

It’s time to get in formation. Booknerds, this is not a drill. The Bargain Books Warehouse Sale is upon us. I had the chance to sneak a peek behind the curtains last week to see what’s in store for us in the YA section — and it’s epic! I’m talking stacks upon stacks of books. Veritable book mountains. It’s glorious. And to help you in your selection process, I’ve made a list.

Without further ado, here are ten YA books to snag on Tuesday, September 24th at the Bargain Books Warehouse Sale!


Cause sometimes you just want a book that has the power to make you cry in public. Am I talking ugly tears here? You bet I am. Words in Deep Blue is powerful stuff. A story that will leave you the better for having read it. It’s also a love letter to reading and bookstores and writing letters in books in bookstores. So, when you’re not crying, you’re going to be feeling pretty cozy reading this one. 


Cause you KNOW you can’t resist a Frankenstein retelling. Especially this close to Halloween. Am I right? Of course, I am. The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein is gritty and dark, and the only thing fluffy about this book is its lush pink cover. That being said, it’s one of the most epic and well-executed retellings of a kick-donkey (ahem, cause we don’t cuss here) classic, I’ve read in a long time.


Cause this is one of the books everyone needs to read. You know the type. They’re not the cool kids everyone wants to hang out with at lunch, but those quiet ones who end up changing the world. Darius the Great Is Not Okay is a book like that. It might not be hyped. But reading it is going to change at least one aspect of how you view the world. Challenge accepted? All right!


Cause we love detective stories that we can read while eating chocolate in bed. Join medical-examiner apprentice, Audrey Rose, as she hunts the streets of London for a vicious serial killer. Stalking Jack the Ripper is — the clue’s in the name — a spin on one of the most infamous serial killings in history. And the beginning of a thrilling four-part series. 


Cause it’s time to stop, drop, and read the Shatter Me series — no more excuses. It’s time to pick up this most brilliant dystopian superhero story. You’ll be able to find books one through four at the sale. Warning: stocks are limited, and Shatter Me is addictive. Okay, so bookies, you know what that means: game faces on & get those books in your trollies.


Cause this queen is relatable AF. Test your royal mettle alongside Queen Theo, whose island kingdom (like so many others) is under Kalovaxian rule. Ash Princess is the beginning of an epic three-part magic-filled fantasy series.


Cause sprawling YA fantasy worlds make any weekend epic. Add in one of the fiercest female characters (all hail, Helen Aquila), and this book is unstoppable. An Ember in the Ashes is book one of a planned four-part series. You’ll be able to find books two (A Torch Against the Night) and three (A Reaper at the Gates) at the sale too. Although, stock of A Reaper at the Gates is extremely limited.



Cause this might look like a pirate novel — but it’s not. It’s a seafaring fantasy. What? That’s not a genre? I’m shooketh. These Rebel Waves actually plays out on land (island nations, conquered ones at that) more than at sea. And when we say sea, we’re using that term loosely to include lakes (where rare magical herbs are found), rivers, and waterfalls too. The scope of These Rebel Waves is epic, the pace whip-sharp and the characters will lay claim to your heart— it’s one of this year’s best adventures.


Cause we love impossible puzzles and virtual reality is so much better than, um, well, reality. Join the Easter egg hunt to win the keys to Halliday’s virtual reality kingdom (the OASIS) in Ready Player One. Virtual reality is immersive, and so is this standalone novel; one of the most hooking, pulls-you-in kind of reads that you’ll likely ever read. Just like VR, this book might make you forget to pee. You’ve been warned. 


Cause who hasn’t occasionally thought about leaving it all behind and setting off into space. Nyxia is an intergalactic adventure trilogy. Think Hunger Games meets Interstellar. Ten teens are hurtling through space on their way to mine Nyxia on planet Eden. The journey lasts a year, and that year is marked by fierce competition — because not everyone will actually get to set foot on the planet and mine for the billion-dollar resource. Book two, Nyxia Unleashed is also available at the sale.


Bargain Books Warehouse Sale FAQ:

Will there be coffee?

You betcha! You’ll be able to get your coffee fix from the Brew Etc — best coffee ever!!

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Check them out on Social Media:



Can I pay with debit/credit card?

Yup, card facilities are available.

How much will books cost at the sale?

Hardcovers: R100, Trade Paperback: R80, Paperback: R60, Kids Picture Flats: R40, Activity Thins: R20.

From what time can I shop for books?

On September 24th, from 09:00 – 17:00. Bring loads of time, there are lots of books!

Where is the Bargain Books Warehouse located?

10 Mymoena Crescent, Athlone, Cape Town

Here’s a little guide to help you budget:

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