Fun paperclip bookmarks

So a while back, I was helping a friend with a “Llama Rama” baby shower. And among the things I was helping her DIY was Photo booth props. I was so excited because I found these amazing pictures online and was going to print them and make these cute llama and desert props.

So I got everything ready, hit print and…they came out about 5 cm each…

I was so dumbstruck. I know I should have tested a single page before printing any entire batch!

So I had a bunch of these mini images and they were so gorgeous I just could not throw them away.

So I improvised.

And I fell in love with the end result.


So I decided to share this simple, yet effective process with you for your DIY projects. (This is also a fun activity to do with kids if you use the big paper clips)

What do you need:

  1. Paperclips
  2. Artwork 
  3. Clear glue
  4. Safe work space


How to start:

Step 1: Find the Artwork you want use. 

Step 2: Print 1 set normally, flip the image and print again. (the reason for this is so you have the same animal/plant/shape on both sides.)

Step 3: Cut out all artwork.

Step 4: Match the images so the paperclip will be reversible. (if you prefer not to do it that way, you can simply use a solid color paper/cardboard at the back) 

Step 5: Place the paperclip on the backside of the first artwork and add glue over both the paperclip and the area. Place the top of the artwork over the glue and hold until the glue has set. 

and Voila!


There are quite a number of ways to DIY Paperclip bookmarks.  

Here are a few examples of awesome paperclip bookmarks I found on Pinterest.

Untitled design (4)

Simply, easy and straightforward. 

Feel free to let me know how this worked for you and share some of your own tips in our comment section.

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