The Kingdom

Every little girl starts out dreaming about being a Disney Princess, whether you are dreaming of Cinderella and her fairy godmother or Mulan shifting gender boundaries. They truly have a role model for each one of us.


Well the Kingdom is a more techy version of Disneyland, with AI princess guaranteed to help you make your dreams come true – until they don’t.


Before I get into the review, I want to take a moment and just fangirl over this cover. Both versions are AMAZING! But this one just speaks to the story on a whole new level! It is also a great symbol for the story – but I won’t spoil it for you. Read it and decide for yourself.

At the start of the story you (and based on the synopsis) you get these IRobot flashbacks. But boy was I wrong. This novel is so much more.


The Future is Fantasist! Where Happily Ever After is not just a promise, but a rule!

Statement like these create such an expectation, I honestly could not have been more satisfied. Romance, Suspense, Murder, Hybrids. This book has it all! And so much more.

Writing in a flashback style, which I usually tend to avoid, you are chasing the dream-meets-nightmare story of The Kingdom and it’s AI princesses. Written from the ever-charming Ana’s (a fantasist) point of view, you try to find out what went wrong. Can you tell the difference between the illusion and reality?

With a gripping storyline, I find myself hoping for a sequel. This is a great read for any teenager or young adult.


‘let’s look at what we know. Did Ana kill Owen Chen? Yes. She did. The point of this case, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why?

Welcome to the Kingdom, a dazzling fantasy theme park where happily ever after is not just a promise, but a rule…

Seven beautiful Fantasists – half-human, half-android princesses – are programmed to make wishes come true, no matter what. But when Fantasist Ana meets theme park worker Owen, her fairytale ends in blood. Now she’s on trial for experiencing human emotions beyond her programming and must come face to face with what she is, and what she’s done. 

But the truth is dangerous, and no one wants the Kingdom to fall…


About the Author:

JESS ROTHENBERG is a writer and freelance editor who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina. A former editor of books for young readers, including the #1 International Bestselling Vampire Academy series. Her debut novel for teens, The Catastrophic History of You & Me, has been translated into more than a dozen languages.

To find out more, visit or follow Jess on Instagram and Twitter at @jessrothenberg.


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