Inspirational characters and what they have taught me

Part of the blog this year will focus on my personal journey. And as such I am going to include lists with things I have learned from my reads, things I loved, things that changed the way I think.

First up I am going to focus on characters that inspired me. And the Authors behind them.


In this epic historical fantasy fiction, author Nadine Brandes takes us on a journey that the world is familiar with, but she gives it an alternative ending. Anastasia’s story in this novel, taught me you have to do something different if you want a new outcome. Magic is a great thing to have but ultimately choices makes all the difference in the world.


Throne of Glass is an epic fantasy series that has become world famous. With a large fandom and an extreme hype it is easy to get suck into the fluff of the story. But underneath all that is a very strong message. You are as strong or as weak as you choose to be. No amount of torture can take away your fire crown. You are a princess, a queen, you do not yield! Life will throw you curveballs and force you to put up walls, but in the end you choose what breaks you.


We all have felt like we have screwed up a situation once or twice, I know I have. America Singer certainly did screw up several times, on a ridiculous scale. But her bravery in the gained her the happily ever after she never saw coming. Even if you don’t have a plan from the beginning you can still have a happy ending, you just have to be open to the possibility


Elizabeth Scriver spoke to my inner bookworm, the introvert that I have been forced to hide through the years on such a personal level, I was moved to tears several times during this book. It contains a strong message – being different and alone is okay, you don’t need the world to accept you in order to be happy. You just have to accept yourself for who you truly are. Whether the world sees your power or not.


I cannot love this book more than I currently do. With the message your disability/ disadvantage does not define you, Kemmerer shows how even the most challenging situation can be turned to a positive outcome if you decide that you will not be defined by the boundaries the world has put out for you. You define you.


In a world where judgement is passed on race, gender, orientation, I absolutely love that there are books encouraging you to embrace who you are. To find a place where you are comfortable being yourself. Your gender is not a disability and it does not have to limit your skill or define you. It is most definitely a reason to show the world what you can do!


Not all of us have a glitz and glam lifestyle, and to be ashamed of where you come from is ridiculous, because for most it wasn’t a choice. It is the hand that you have been dealt and need to make the best of. Enchantee has a strong message of embracing who you are and where you came from. And All that glitters is most definitely not gold. It’s alright to want to be seen without all the glamour the world requires.


Very often things happen that we have no control over, that we are not prepared for – well at least that’s how I feel. The story of the two sister who’s worlds were tipped upside down, reminded me that you can become a victim of your circumstances or victorious. Even if the role you are given is everything you hate, you can walk away stronger, better. Or you can be broken by it. It’s a choice.

I hope this post has encouraged you to view your books with a new appreciation.

Who are some of your inspirational favorites? Share them in the comments section and remember to hit subscribe.

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