The Enchanted Isle’s

It is such a huge honor to be asked to be part of a blog tour for any book. But it is so AMAZING to be part of a blog tour for a book that you enjoyed and lived in as much as I have in this one.

Join me on a journey on these mysterious Isle’s where everything is definitely not as it seems.

Full Disclaimer: I binged book 1 and 2 in a day because I just couldn’t put them down! Get me book 3 already.

I L Cruz writes in such a captivating manner that I felt like I was hiding in the black market, dancing on floor of the enchanted cloud castle and staring at amazing magical task that literally sound to good to be true. But boy I wish it was.

Follow the story of Inez as she tries to balance her many secrets and the role she must play to protect everything and everyone she holds dear. After nearly revealing her true self to the wrong crowd, Inez plays things close to the vest in book two as her friendships and what she knows to be true is put to the test.

Noble by birth. Smuggler by trade. Mage by destiny.

I.L. Cruz, A Noble’s Path

I found these to be quite an easy read and despite everything, I managed to still suffer a three day book hangover that was proven more difficult to overcome than expected. This is definitely one of the most under-hyped series I have encountered yet.

The magical system hints at bigger things to come in the next books, which right now I am literally wishing for in 2020. But Author I.L. Cruz was kind enough to inform us that we will only be receiving it in 2021 . But a girl can always dream. Till then I am definitely adding this one to me reread list with the likes of ACOTAR, Red Queen and Shatter Me.

I.L. Cruz I’m glad people are excited to read what happens next for Inez! Book three, A Rebel’s Path, should be out by mid 2021.

I.L. Cruz, Goodreads

So while I sip on my Froth inspired milkshake and patiently wait for book three check out the Synopsis below and grab your copy of book one and two immediately!


Divided loyalties test Inez Garza.

The infamous incident at the Academy of Natural Studies has forced her to work for the King’s Men while continuing to serve the hidden market. Supporting Birthright furthers the cause of Magical Return, but the cost may be the fall of the royal house and losing Zavier forever. And the strongest pull of all is her growing and erratic magic, which demands everything and offers only destruction in return.

Inez must decide where her loyalties lie—saving Canto or saving herself.

What you should know about the book:

Title: A Noble’s Path (Enchanted Isles, Book Two)
Author: I.L. Cruz
Genre: Fantasy
Page Count: 236
Publisher: Bosky Flame Press
Publication Date: January 31, 2020 ISBN (Digital): 9781732547131
ISBN (Print): 9781732547148

About the Author

I.L. Cruz decided to make writing her full-time career during the economic downturn in 2008. Since then she’s used her BA in International Relations to sow political intrigue in her fantasy worlds and her MA in history to strive for the perfect prologue. When she’s not engaged in this mad profession she indulges her wanderlust as often as possible, watches too much sci-fi and reads until her eyes cross. She lives in Maryland with her husband, daughter and a sun-seeking super mutt named Dipper.

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