Isolation boredom busters to help you keep your sanity in tact.

World wide panic ensued after COVID-19 patients were being isolated and social distancing has become the buzz word of the day. Now schools are closing until further notice, people start working from home and meme’s about husband’s, due to lack of sports on TV, now notice their wives.

And all the mental health awareness that has been one of the most talked about topics of the year has gone out the window. And don’t get me wrong, social distancing is crucial to our physical health, but very few people cope with isolation from a mental health perspective.

So if you are one of those, who feels like the world is ending because you are confined to your home for more than two weeks and you have completely run out of things to do, this post is for you.

So let’s get the obvious ones out of the way: You should have enough food and meds in your house so you would not jump at every single opportunity to run to the store. It will be tempting, especially just to see that there are still other people out there.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff that will help keep your sane

Tackle your TBR

Not sure what I am talking about? Well, take it from an introvert book worm, that wish list of books you have on your bedside table that you have always been meaning to get but you’re just so tired at the end of the day. Well they are about to become the life changers you thought they were going to be.

Bedside table empty? No problem, there are a number of independent bookstore and online stores that are going above and beyond for their customers to help ensure everyone has a great book to devour in this time.

Bring out the Board games

Whether you are two or four or six living in your space, there should be a board game out there with your name on it. Growing up in a family of fervent card game lovers, this would be a great time to pull out those tournament style games and have a family score card and leader board and make this a 5 day event.

Had a regular game night with friends? Why not take it virtual through a platform like Skype or Zoom and have fun at a safe distance.

Netflix and Movie lists

Make a list of all the movies you haven’t gotten around and start showing double features. Grab a blanket and snuggle up with the one you love on your favorite couch. (this is also a great idea for stay at home dates) We have been watching reruns of Friends, the Gilmore Girls and even the Fresh Prince of Bell Air on Netflix. Add to that the likes of Designated Survivor, Nailed It and Tiny house Nation and you have got a great screen time line up.

Remember to add movie snacks to your next grocery list.

Art’s and Crafts / DIY projects

If at any point you wanted to attempt a DIY project, but effectively talked yourself out of it, this is your opportunity to pursue that project. And if you don’t like how it turned out, well, then you have enough time to get rid of the evidence.

Have no idea what do but want to be creative? let me know in the comments and I’ll compile a list of DIY projects you can do at home during this time that is both cost effective and family friendly. (I’ll try to stick to things already commonly found in your house)

Spring cleaning

No time like the present to put off that tedious task that pretty much everyone tends to avoid. Use this time to get rid of everything that no longer sparks joy (Yes, Mary Kondo style) It is absolutely freeing. And honestly you will love yourself more for it. Also, if you have kids, this should keep them busy for at least a couple of days, as this usually prompts a forgotten love for old toys that you have been dying to get rid of for a while now. You will see a serious increase in play time, which effectively results in more adult time.

Full disclaimer: I, personally will be waiting until the point where I have exhausted all other options of entertain before attempting this one

Playlists and Podcasts

Create a playlist on spotify and embrace the 5min dance party. Get your blood flowing by moving your body to an upbeat catchy song, even if this isn’t your style usually. Just get up and do it. It will help release endorphins that will make all the difference

Plus it is so much fun, especially if you go crazy and dance on your bed.

Learn a new skill

With sites like Coursera and Udemy, picking up a new skill is easy and cost effective. This is a good a time as any to chase that dream you have been postponing. You never know, you might be using this skill to help you land your next promotion.

If you have kids, who are being home schooled or trying to keep to a routine, and if you don’t have to work, you can use the time and make it family learning time.

This is just a short list of things you can do at home to help you with this trying time. But it is really important – especially for the over achievers out there – TO NOT DO ALL OF THESE ON DAY 1! Take a note from Joey and stretch it out.

Have any cool ideas to add to the list? Let me know in the comments section and let’s help one another cope in this uncertain times.

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