Swipe to Love review


This book is a genuinely sweet read that had my toes curling at the meet cutes and romance. I love the feel good vibe throughout this book with an appropriate amount of romance and no unnecessary vulgarity

We all need sweet, innocent reads in our lives.

Following the story of Jade and how she navigates friendship and crushes and workplace appropriate conversations. The author writes like it’s a hallmark movie. (I love those feel good Christmas movies) Go on this journey with the quiet Jade, who lives in her very glamorous friend’s shadow when it comes to dating. Out of pure desperation she signs up for online dating – because mother’s can drive you to it. But her heart already belongs to someone she can’t have.

The writing is easy to follow, and the characters are – well let’s just say – I would have probably chosen the other guy 😉 But to each his own. #teamjack

Although the plot is slightly predictable, there is enough mystique to keep you hooked. Throw in the online dating horrors people see on a regular basis and you have a rom com that will have you crying and laughing and cringing throughout the book.

Easy to follow and quick to read, I would recommend this to viewers of Younger (tv show) – especially if like me you are #teamjack.


What is worse than having your mother set you up on a blind date? I’ll tell you, crushing on Aiden Lang.

The new office hunk, who has every girl’s attention even my best friend Amy’s. She took one look at him and was convinced that he’s her soulmate. Fate wasn’t playing fair when our boss had Aiden and myself working on the same project, having meeting after meeting together. The one day I tripped over my heels right into his hard chest. Amy was my only reminder that I didn’t have any claim to Aiden like she did. Becoming a bad friend for a good time just wasn’t in me. Determined to forget my best friend’s crush I jumped head first back into online dating. Though destiny wasn’t done with me yet.

Betray my best friend or take the risk on someone new? The thing about dating on the internet is you never truly know who’s behind the screens

About the Author

Angelique Bosman grew up on a Smallholding, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. She is the youngest of 3. It’s always been her dream to write a novel and discover the link that connects people. The goal is to create a story that people can connect and relate to. She loves hiking and going on coffee dates, when she isn’t glued to the computer screen. She currently resides in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa with her husband.

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