Kosmos en Komete

(#gifted @penguinbookssouthafrica @lapa_uitgewers )

I have been going through a tough time lately and was very grateful that this beautiful poetry collection showed up on doorstep on Wednesday.

This gorgeous book contains a moving collection of Afrikaans poems. Deep, emotional and transcendent, I couldn’t help but relate.

Make sure you pick up this beautiful book for your collection. I felt like I had found a friend that understood without any explanation.

I’m definitely a homebody through and through. But somedays there is nothing better than enjoying some poetry in the garden. And what better book to pick up this month then Kosmos en Komete by @kaalwoorde

This collection is absolutely moving, I find myself drifting back to it regularly. It’s a beautiful gift for the Afrikaans poetry lovers in your life.

Paired with the creative illustrations, this is a one of kind collection.

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