Do this for you

What is one gift you are giving yourself this year?

Thank you to Jonathan Ball Publishers for gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Well besides good coffee☕😉 I am giving myself the gift of selfcare. That for me includes (unfortunately) a strict diet and exercise. But boy do I struggle. I would literally do anything else. (Even fold the laundry🙈) I have been struggling to get the right headspace for this commitment. So when the wonderful people over @jonathanballpublishers sent me this copy, I couldn’t help but get excited 😆


Paperback, 224 pages

Published January 12th 2021 by Hachette Go

ISBN0306925079 (ISBN13: 9780306925078)

How to be a strong woman from the inside out.

Do this for you is a personal action plan for building your best life. Starting from the inside out, Krissy’s expert coaching will help you to grow into a stronger, more confident you.

Fitness is as much about the mental battle as it is the physical. Using simple techniques, Krissy will help you to develop the inner strength to do this for you, find the ‘why’ that drives you, learn to value routine over self doubt, reframe your thoughts on diet and exercise, and build healthy habits that last.

Uplifting and empowering, this book will inspire a sense of self worth that will radiate into every corner of your life.

What will encourage you to pick up a self development book?

So as I am making progress on this book it’s easy and hard at the same time. I could easily write up a pretty review telling you why you should be reading this book, but I’d rather tell you how this book changed my life and impacted my thoughts.

I’m not even close to done working through this book. It’s absolutely putting my self control and willingness to change to the test. But it is helping, way more than any other book I have picked up.

Krissy Cela is a gifted writer and she doesn’t beat around a bush. Her book is like holding up a mirror (especially the first two chapters) and helping you push past the barriers.

Her passion to help is clearly evident in every page and I found the tips and tricks to be easily manageable as well as seriously thought provoking. This is not just a get off your butt and do it book. This is a develop the right mindset, routine and passion book.

When it comes to recommending self development books, I’m always a bit hesitant. I know how often I have felt less and unacceptable whilst reading these books. I do not wish to subject anyone to that feeling.
So far I am really appreciative of this particular book. It helps me work on what I want to change as well learn to love what I can’t. It’s not just about losing weight but about establishing healthy routines.

I am an emotional eater and stress is my biggest trigger. I have been very unhappy with myself for a while now, and this book is definitely a step in the right direction for me. It’s already helped me find a balance by establishing a routine to help manage my stress and workload.

What is your biggest excuse to not achieve your goals?

The value of this book cannot be expressed in words. I have had a personal battle with my weight, my lifestyle and my self confidence for as long as I can remember. And usually I shy away from reading these kinds of books because of it. But something kept pulling me to this title. And honestly, I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL.

For the first time ever I felt understood. @krissycela has managed to accurately capture the challenges that a woman can face not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. And she has easy to execute strategies that focuses on holistic well being to help you become the best possible version of yourself. To become your own hero.

Dealing with typical issues like time management, comparisons and who you surround yourself with, Cela acknowledges that each journey is unique and helps you find your path. I felt like I was in conversation with a friend who wanted to help me heal and take care of myself. Not someone reminding me I need to look a certain way to be part of the “tribe”.

Do this for you has changed the way I view exercise, motivation and goal setting. I have wanted to change my lifestyle for a really long time, and I finally feel like I can actually achieve happiness. Not just weight loss, but true content with who I am and what makes me happy. It helped me realize that exercise is only one aspect of the change needed, and all the dieting in the world won’t help you accept yourself if you don’t learn to love yourself. And stop wishing you looked like someone else.

Her writing is so easy to follow that reading this book is a dream. I would definitely encourage every woman to get a copy. This is so much more than just another fitness book.

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