Queen of Clean – The 15-Minute Clean: The quickest way to a sparkling home

What would you do with the time you save if you only cleaned for 15 minutes a day?

Thank you to @jonathanballpublishers and @welbeckpublish for #gifting me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

If like me, you screamed yes! at the top of your lungs, upon reading this title, then you need this book. My life has changed so much with the time I have saved by slightly adjusting me lifestyle.

With tips and tricks and literal planning sheets, Lynsey Crombie helps you get on top of your daily cleaning. Freeing up time for you!

With comprehensive checklists and helpful habit forming tips, this book is a quick read that will have you excited about everything you’ll have time for in your day.

Cleaning is made easy and understandable with helpful product recommendations. And I can honestly say that I learned ways to get my cleaning done faster and more effective. I even picked up a few life hacks from this book.

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