10 must have reading accessories

Any good reader knows, that the reading experience is just as important as the book. The right environment is just as crucial to a submersive experience. So before you begin planning your weekend TBR list, here are some things you might want to consider getting ready in preparation for a reading marathon.

Good lighting – a great big lamp or a teeny tiny booklamp the choice is yours. But this is a non negotiable. Good lighting is not just to help set the mood, but also to protect your eyes.

A bookmark – Have one handy even if you plan on finishing the book. Everyone knows it’s considered a sin to dog ear a book. If you don’t have one, you can either make one or buy one.

Mugs and Glasses – or an ordinary one. But a great one just makes the experience so much more memorable. Check out some of the awesome bookish sites for cool quote mugs or head in to your nearest department store to diy your own.

Delicious coffee /Tea / Hot chocolate – I cannot stretch this enough. Have a drink close by. You do not want to get into an epic battle scene and not have a refreshment close by.

A comfy pillow – Long marathon reading session can be strenuous on your back. A comfy pillow can be a great accessory. Check out sites like the Bookshelf experience – they have pillow tote bags that make it so easy to be comfortable wherever you find yourself reading.

Awesome pillow tote bag by The Bookshelf Experience

A snuggly blanket – weather permitting, there is nothing as special as cuddling up with a great book and a snuggly blanket in the afternoon sun.

A great chair – Or in my case a sofa. Proper body support is must for long term reading goals. The more comfortable you are, the more easily you can get swept up in your book.

Tasty Snacks – You know you are going to get hungry. I personally prefer a collection of chocolates and gummy sweets, but you are more than welcome to take carrots and celery sticks. (We probably won’t be reading near each other in this case)

Charger for your phone/ e-reader – if you are using electronic devices for your reading this is an obvious. If you are a bookstagrammer, you never know if you might get the perfect shot. If you are a human being, I can guarantee someone will come up with a nonsensical emergency for you to deal with the moment you open your book. Either way, better keep that phone on and charged.

Book sleeves – This is a completely new product for me, and I honestly don’t know how I managed without it. If you like to travel with books, this is definitely a must have. It not only protects your special covers but makes a fabulous accessory for when you are heading out to book club (or the coffee shop) There a large variety of shops that sell these. I personally own a few from the Bookshelf experience.

Furry Sleeves by The Bookshelf experience

Bookcase/ coffee table/ stand – You need a place to put stuff down on. Obviously.

Memo pad/ journal – You never know when inspiration might strike, or your mother decides to inform you of something to bring along for dinner. Or you need to make a honey do list. Either way, having a pen and paper close by will pay off in the end. Check out some of the cool online stationary stores like Scriptorium for novelty stationary.

What is on your list of must have accessories? Drop a comment below.

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