Home Cooking

As we get ready to go into the festive season, we dust off those family recipe books. Pages of memories, mealtimes and family moments, affectionately written in Grandmother’s handwriting. With utter care and tons of excitement Christmas evening and Christmas day meal planning start.

There are different types of people when it comes to Holiday planning. Those who put in the loving touches to the carefully decorated homes. The ones who spend hours searching for the perfect gifts. And the ones who lovingly craft the perfect Christmas menu.

Home cooking captures the nostalgia of Family Christmas’s past, bringing to mind memories of Christmas carols, plays put on by the children and nights staring at the beautifully decorated tree. The mountains of food that is prepared, and secretly snacking on the leftovers for the next few days. Summer Christmas near the beach or pool side.

Herman Lensing is a master of his craft! These recipes are easy to follow, with their clear instructions and sweet anecdotes. We had to obviously test some of these recipes and boy, they did not disappoint.

In my husband’s words: The Gammon recipe is easily compared to the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, delicious and simple to make. A beautiful dish to become the main on any table.

Perfectly cooked with fruity notes to accompany the delicious mix of spices, we couldn’t get enough. And I can definitely vouch for the delicious leftover sandwiches when paired with a sweet mustard (recipe on page 58)

We also baked a delicious soup bread (page 37) and honestly, this can easily become a staple in our household.

A quick and easy recipe, that bakes for almost an hour, that will have your mouth watering at the delicious aromas that fills the kitchen. Whether you add some yummy preserves, left over Gammon or just some butter, this bread is an near instant hit.

Of course for those who know me well, we had to do at least one sweet treat. But because work was hectic I knew it would have to be something quick and simple. So we went with the delicious Lemon tart (page 176).

It was as easy as 1,2,3…and voila! We were nearly licking the dish clean. Light and zesty, this is a quick and relatively cheap recipe for lovers of tangy treats. It literally took me less than 15minutes from start to fridge. And trust me when I tell you, we are already looking for an excuse to make it again!

For those of us who want to lead a safe, responsible, wholesome and creative existence in this new world, HOME COOKING is the only food. Herman is an outstanding food writer who brings to the table an entire culture’s culinary history, home-coming and future.


HOME COOKING is Herman Lensing’s sixth cookbook and follows the highly successful Dit Proe Soos Huis. It tells the story – in his own words – of his 34 years on this planet, and reflects his love of food and people. Accompanied by entertaining anecdotes, the recipes, from breakfast to main courses, from side dishes to meat dishes, from cakes, biscuits and rusks to desserts (such as trifle, ice cream and even bazaar pudding), are totally unpretentious, featuring ingredients available anywhere. He also shares friends recipes, as well as many he discovered during his journeys throughout South Africa.

Also available in Afrikaans as HUISKOS

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