Becoming the Dark Prince

From the Point of View for Thomas Cresswell, I fell completely in love with all the characters all over again. This feel good read will give you all the answers to your lingering questions. And a little preview of what lies ahead for the lovely couple.

Escaping from Houdini

In the show of all shows, it is crucial to not get swept up in the magic in mystery. Especially with a murderer on board. Can you find him before he finds you?

Hunting Prince Dracula

Take a haunted castle, add a serial killer, a dash of romance, an epic train mystery and you will find yourself packing your bags to help hunt Prince Dracula.

Stalking Jack the Ripper

All aboard...get whisked away to the year.1880. You are called to bear witness to terrifying acts that will have you jumping at shadows, in an attempt to find the true identity of Jack the Ripper as he terrorized London, murdering women. Are you up for a little murder mystery?

To Kill a Kingdom

Pack your bags for an epic adventure in a magical world filled with Mermaids, Sirens and Pirates. Alexandra Christo takes you on a whirlwind adventure with an epic love story, great battle scene and every other magical moment that will have you blazing through this book and hoping for more.

Travelling through Elfhame

Upon embarking on this journey, I realised I haven't actually read any books on faeries since finishing school. Elfhame is a wonderful place, but the people who live there are awful. A few things to know. Faeries can't lie, but they can bend the truth. Rowan berries and Salt should be kept on your person … Continue reading Travelling through Elfhame

Join in the Magic of Caraval

Upon my return from the journey to Caraval I found myself missing the excitement of the game. In all honesty I think anyone who reads this will agree that this will be an epic place if it were truly real. I honestly would like to thank the Author for this amazing journey. And I'm begging you, PLEASE TAKE ME BACK!

The Wren Hunt

Watson has managed to capture my imagination with this magnificent novel, creating a fantasy world set in modern day Ireland

The Sea Witch

I absolutely loved this book! The amazing spin on a well known tale (and also my favorite Disney movie btw.) had me reading through the night. The story had me laughing, crying, throwing the book at the wall…several times. I was completely engrossed. The story of a three friends and a tragic end had me … Continue reading The Sea Witch

Magonia series

I had very high expectation of this book. I loved the cover and the back cover summary was so appealing. But honestly I was a little disappointed. Headley has an interesting writing style. And if you like knowing what your characters think all the time, this book is for you. For me the teen anguish … Continue reading Magonia series