Quick and Delicious Smoothie

What is your go-to lunch solution for busy days?

As we’re heading into the festive season, I find myself working longer hours and skipping various meals. I found that I started struggling to focus and my sleep patterns got all messed up.

So out of frustration I started googling for a easy lunch solution. Something quick but delious to help keep my energy levels up through these longer work days.

So here is my first lunch suggestion. A delicious mixed berry smoothie.
This super easy lunch takes less than 10 min and is all yumminess!


  • Half a cup of Frozen mixed Berries
  • 2 Tablespoons of low fat plain yogurt
  • Milk as needed.


Add everything into the blender and blitz till smooth.

Pour into glass and enjoy!


Add Muesli for a little crunch

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