Survival Guide: Bargain Books Warehouse Sale

It is that time! In less than a week it will be another Bargain books warehouse sale. Time to clear some space on your shelf, start making your wishlists. To help you prepare I have compiled a few tips that will help you make success of this shopping endeavour.

10 must have reading accessories

Any good reader knows, that the reading experience is just as important as the book. The right environment is just as crucial to a submersive experience. So before you begin planning your weekend TBR list, here are some things you might want to consider getting ready in preparation for a reading marathon.

10 Awesome Alternative bookmarks

I literally cannot walk past a bookshop without going in. And very often I do not walk out empty handed. I would find a great coffee shop and sit down and start reading. There have been times when I would realise that I do not have a bookmark with me. So here is a list of alternative bookmarks that you can easily use should you land in a similar situation.